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The Secret To Successful ROI of Brand Strategy And Design!

Imagine this:

You’re snuggled in your ultra-comfy bed, slowly waking up one morning with a feeling of absolute bliss, knowing that your business has never been better. You take a deep breath and start practicing your morning confidence-boosting mantras (You got this, superstar!).

As you go to your work day, you make mental notes in your head. But there’s not much planning you have to put in because most of the work has already been done, so you take your adorable pup for a walk or grab a cup of joe from the trendy coffee shop around the corner before dropping your kids off at school – you know today is going to be a fab day because:

🌟 Your business is bigger and better than before
🌟 You’re enjoying the perfect work-life balance
🌟 Your dream clients come to you one after the other, and your products and services make a real difference.

You’re pumped, focused, and ready to embrace your thriving business. Dreamy, huh? 🌈

Well, it’s not some magical fairy tale, I promise. It’s the true ROI of a rock-solid brand strategy and design.

According to Forbes, effective branding can generate powerful ROI, allowing you to price your products for their true worth and create premium packages that match your strengths. This casual, friendly, and quirky guide will uncover the secret sauce to a successful ROI through brand strategy and design!

What are Brand Strategy and Design?

Think of having a blueprint ready and then building upon it as you go. 

Brand strategy and design are two integral parts of a business that can significantly impact its bottom line. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must differentiate themselves from their competitors to increase their revenue and ROI. 

Brand strategy is all about creating a plan for your brand. It involves defining your brand’s values, personality, target audience, and unique selling proposition.

It’s like building the foundation of a house. You need a solid base that stands the test of time, and you can renovate it quickly if needed. 

Brand design is about how your brand looks and feels to your customers. This includes things like logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery. 

So it’s like decorating your house. 

It all begins with brand strategy. After that, design can make or break your brand’s success because it affects how people perceive you. Every aspect of it needs to be carefully aligned with the blueprint of your brand.

Now let’s break down the elements that make up your brand strategy and how they can positively impact your business growth and mindset. (or even your bank accountπŸ€‘ )

The Blueprint to Success – Brand Strategy and its Elements

A well-defined brand strategy creates a unique identity that resonates with the target audience.

A good brand strategy develops your unique selling proposition (USP). It helps you work out the following step by step:

  • Brand personality and core values
  • Target audience research
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Unique Differentiator

Having an inside look of my brand strategy process will help you understand how the elements above work together.

It becomes easier to develop marketing content for all channels. These include social media, website copy, and email marketing campaigns. It helps people understand who you are as a business, and your products and services are more likely to sell. 


Your brand is an extension of yourself!

What is brand personality anyway? It’s essentially the human-like traits that your brand has. Is your brand fun-loving and carefree like Coca-Cola? Or is it sophisticated and luxurious like Chanel? These traits are essential when building a connection with your audience.

Combine that with the core values of your brand. These are the beliefs and principles that your brand stands for. They guide all decision-making processes within the company, from marketing campaigns to customer service interactions. Perhaps your brand is eco-friendly or advocates freedom and rights for all races. 

A new research tells us that 82% of shoppers want a consumer brand’s values to align with their own. Customers feel more invested in the company’s success when they align with a brand’s core values. They become a part of your journey, boosting your ROI and increasing loyalty!


Help fulfill other people’s dreams. 

It’s like going on a date. Knowing your crush’s likes makes you more likely to make a good impression and score that second date. Who knows, you might even fall in love!

The same goes for marketing. Knowing what makes your audience tick will help you connect with them on a deeper level. So there’s more to it than knowing your audience’s names, where they live, and career. 

The brand strategy helps explore the deeper aspects of human psychology. You can create messages that resonate with them and excite them about your products and services. It also paves the way for new opportunities for growth and happy customers who feel understood and valued. 

Remember, marketing isn’t about tricking your target audience. It’s all about aligning their needs and dreams with your strengths. It’s truly a win-win!


Understanding the field before you play is so important. 

Think about playing chess randomly or with your eyes closed. You may get lucky and be able to make some smart moves, but that’s about it. 

Identifying your competitors will help you understand what sets you apart from them. You can create a unique selling proposition that highlights what makes your product or service better than theirs. This will make it easier for potential customers to choose your business over others in the market.


What’s the point of blending in the crowd anyway?

It’s time to stand out and make your mark! Having a unique brand approach, style, or mission can do wonders for your ROI. Establishing your brand differentiator will enable you to captivate your desired clientele, as you’ll address their problems and connect with them personally.

Think about it – when did you last choose a product or service simply because it was bland and generic? Probably never. 

Take it from one of our clients, Stephanie, at Modern Ink Beauty

After working with her on the strategy and design for her brand through our signature process, Strategy Led Design Framework, Stephanie shared, “I knew nothing about branding before I began, and now I feel like I have the most clear vision for my business and where I want it to go in the future. “

So don’t be afraid to break free from the pack! Embrace what makes your brand unique and use it as a selling point.

Brand Design – The Art of Visual Storytelling

It’s time to place the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

So your brand strategy is all set. The next step is to nail the brand design or visual communication. It is essential in increasing ROI as it enhances your customers’ overall experience.

Brand design is where your brand’s visual identity comes to life. It encompasses your logo, color schemes, typography, and imagery. A well-thought-out brand design can help turn your vision into a visual language that captivates your audience, boosts brand recognition, and ultimately increases your ROI.

Have a look at some of the elements that will make your brand truly memorable:

  • Harness the power of color psychology – Everybody has a favorite color (or colors we are drawn to more). But when it comes to a business, you must consider the adjectives describing your brand. It’s necessary to understand the basics of color psychology to make this work out!
  • Select imagery and elements that resonate with your audience
  • Create a versatile and memorable logo
  • Choose fonts that reflect your brand’s personality

Clear visual communication can help you stand out in an instant. It’s essential in this modern age where social media is buzzing with businesses. Graphic images with elements that work well together can make or break your brand. So it becomes necessary to link brand strategy with design at all times.

The Magical Link Between Brand Strategy and Design

To truly unlock the secret to successful ROI, you must create a harmonious blend of brand strategy and design. This synergy will allow you to craft a cohesive and compelling brand that stands out from the competition and connects with your audience emotionally.

So, what’s the real ROI of branding?! The benefits of branding go beyond financial gains. It’s about feeling confident in your business, enjoying the growth and success you’ve always dreamed of, and living the life you deserve.


Phew. Brand strategy and design sure is a lot of hard work. But the ROI that comes out of it is totally worth it!

The ROI isn’t only on your business, though. You’ll also see a shift and return in your mindset with more growth coming your way. Adding to that is a more relaxed lifestyle that will help you prioritize your β€˜me’ time and personal goals!

We at Maevi Creative Studio know how essential it is to blend your personality with your brand. We firmly believe that you don’t have to choose your personal life over your work life or the other way around. 

So let’s work to get the balance right. Regardless of your business’s current phase, let’s figure out your brand strategy and design together. And make sure to turn your visions into visuals that people can relate to.

Are you ready for that? Then start with booking your slot here.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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