we are passionate about helping fearless female entrepreneurs give a newfound sense of confidence to build a brand that helps them reach their wildest dreams.​


our design philosophy

At Maevi Creative Studio, we believe that creativity and innovation go together. Being different from your competitors is a huge risk in business, but ending up the same as others is an even higher one. And this is where philosophy steps into the scene!

So the design needs to project the essence of the brand. It needs to speak for itself to the audience and prospective customers. Bridging the gap between business and people lies at the core of our brand design and strategy process. 

A brand needs to reflect who you are as a person. And it needs to convey that message to everyone you meet, without you having to explain it! So even if you’re not sure about the voice of your business, we’re committed to helping you find it!

meet the founder

Hey, there! I’m Angelica Mae Villareal, but you can call me Mae, okay? I am a girl from the Philippines who insanely loves cozy rains, comforters, lounge clothes, coffee, and oh, the singing sensation Taylor Swift! Despite people around me saying there’s no money in artistic fields and careers, I followed my gut and studied for a Bachelor in Multimedia Arts!

I knew I had a knack for design when I became obsessed with customizing my Friendster profile (that sounds silly, doesn’t it?) But I wanted it to represent my true self as much as possible, and then I thought – businesses have personas too. They are pretty much like people, you can get so much across by simply playing around with colors and fonts as I did on my profile!

DESIGNER ❇︎ mae villareal ❇︎ strategist ❇︎ founder ❇︎ fur mom ❇︎ coffee lover ❇︎
DESIGNER ❇︎ mae villareal ❇︎ strategist ❇︎ founder ❇︎ fur mom ❇︎ coffee lover ❇︎

After 4 years of freelancing, the boring routine of the pandemic hit me hard but got my creative juices flowing. I stepped into entrepreneurship and ‘Designs by Mae’ was born. Experiencing the ups and downs of a small business myself was a major eye-opener and game-changer. I felt overwhelmed at first but with time, my client base expanded and stress changed into gratitude!

A year later, I re-branded my business to ‘Maevi Creative Studio’. I wanted to have my business for myself, so I brought together my second name ‘Mae’ and ‘Vi’ from my last name, ‘Villareal’. This way, I was able to showcase both my name, personality and services so much better! I’ve always wanted to use my creativity to make deeper and everlasting connections with people. Nothing excites me more than to develop a friendly bond with my clients and treat them as my own BFFs!

I love watching my clients’ faces beam with the smiles of their success stories! It encourages me to keep growing, working, and sharing my passion with you all. 

I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s put our heads together and make some magic! Let’s do this! 


meet our little assistant

Gucci, my pet dog, is not only my best friend, but he makes the most precious assistant too! Like my brand, he is also the most amazing thing that happened to me during the lockdown.

My sweet little pandemic baby is always asking for a belly rub. Oh, and he loves to bark notoriously during office hours and interrupt meetings. For sure, there’s never a dull moment with him around!

why choose us?

We got a great eye for detail and designing process to match, so we can produce aesthetically pleasing designs that align with your vision and identity.

We thoroughly research the market and your brand’s identity and purpose to create analytically design strategies that will bring your brand to the forefront

We use evidence-based strategies but we also follow our hearts when we design to spark genuine emotions and communicate authenticity.

turning your wildest visions into effective visuals that allows you to stand out as the go-to choice of your industry

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