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3 Brand Strategy Myths for Branding Designers

When I started my journey as a brand designer, I would often ask myself:

What is brand strategy, and am I even doing it right?

With a lot of experience, I figured out the answer is within you and in front of you. You hold immense qualities to listen and respond well to your client, which is the essence of becoming a good brand designer and strategist.

If you’re reading this, know that I’ve got your back.

Let’s debunk three of the top brand strategy myths out there.

Myth # 1: “No one will pay me for brand strategy because it’s too expensive.”

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had recurring thoughts of a brand strategy being too expensive or not getting any clients in the first place. I would often find myself thinking:

“Why would anybody want to pay for this?”

Since brand strategy isn’t visible in the physical world like graphic design, I would think clients won’t find it helpful. But then I reminded myself of the link between communication and strategy. And I gave it another thought: Clients who would genuinely like to transform their business into a brand would definitely pay for a clear outlook on long-term goals.

Business owners will pay for their brand to stand out. After all, there’s a lot of competition, and clients seek someone who can help their brand reach its highest potential!

Myth # 2: “I can’t be good at brand strategy. I know nothing about marketing or writing for businesses.”

Designing a brand strategy means you’re tapping into your client’s needs. See, your client has a business, and with the magic of your empathy, you can transform it into a brand.

Being a good brand strategist isn’t about marketing or writing. The skills are only mediums; basic brand strategy lies in:

  • First, helping out your client understand their long-term business goals.
  • Bridging the gap between your client’s brand outlook and their potential customers.
  • Finally, make sure your client’s brand stands out in the crowd and adds personal and professional value.

So if you know how to connect the dots, you’re already pretty smart at brand strategy! So believe it and embrace it!

Myth # 3: “‘I’m afraid to communicate face-to-face with my client.”

You don’t need to feel embarrassed. Even I can relate to those voices of self-doubts. When I started as a branding designer, I would be skeptical of developing a healthy relationship with my client.

Here are some concerns I would typically have:

  • What if I freeze or get lost while talking to my client?
  • What if I fail to understand my client’s business?
  • What if I am unable to deliver the project?
  • Will I be able to come up with ideas quickly?

And then I decided to hush the voice inside my head. When talking, visualize your client being happy and fulfilled with your services. And that’s how you’ll get to overcome the fear of confrontation and communication.


So if you’re a brand designer, know that branding strategy doesn’t have to be scary. We all know the essence behind the products we design, and understanding the brand, in the long run, makes for a well-done brand strategy.

And it’s a skill that is necessary in the business world – whether you put it out in the form of marketing, content writing, logo design, or website design. The medium may differ, but the power to understand your client’s needs remains the same. You must take a deep breath because you already have it in you!

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