UKIYO swimwear is to be recognized as an EMPOWERING, WILD, AND DIVERSE brand that encourages women to feel their best self with their own body and skin. In order to develop this position, UKIYO swimwear will promote the product by using not only skinny curve models but also plus-sized models.


2-4 weeks

design direction:

wild + vibrant + fresh

brand purpose:

Ukiyo exists to fuel the confidence of women to feel their best selves and remind them to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness.

We strive to inspire self-love – to portray an image to ourselves that we are perfect in every way regardless of all imperfections by providing fun & exciting designs of swimwear that embraces all types of body shapes.

brand mission:

Ukiyo’s mission is to inspire and empower women to look good and feel good at the same time by bringing a new look to swimwear that is conservative yet fun & exciting. The vibrant colors, wildy unique designs, and versatile body shapes from our collections allow them to feel bold, confident, and beautiful.

Words by
Mae Villareal
CEO & Creative Director of Maevi Creative Studio

“I loved EVERYTHING! It was a great experience. Thanks for working with me!”

-Cherry, Ukiyo

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