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5 things to do when you are stuck in a slow season!

Stuck in a slow season?

As business owners, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Committing to a business is hard. And if you have a brand to run, it can turn into one wild roller coaster ride. And at times, that roller coaster stops, and the slow season comes.

It’s not the end of your business, though.

Here are a few things you can do when your business is in sloth mode!

1. Get done with administrative tasks

Have you been slacking off on important tasks? Well, don’t worry – been there, done that! Sometimes, I delay things that should be done as soon as possible.

Here are some of my slow-season tasks to inspire you:

  • Edit and update your website/online portfolio.
  • Keep track of your budget and expenses.
  • Apply digital minimalism. Get rid of old emails, messages, or useless documents on your laptop and phone.

Oh, and remember that keeping your workspace clean can also be quite a task! So if you’ve been putting that off, now is the best time to do it!

2. Plan and schedule content

It’s important to have different posts to connect with your audience. Take advantage of the slow season by brainstorming the type of content you would like, such as:

Additionally, you can also create a rough outline or schedule of all the posts you plan to post.

3. Learn new things

Learning is a never-ending curve. There’s always room for improvement or picking up new concepts. It’s always exciting to build upon your expertise or learn something new altogether.

With so many online learning platforms out there, you can work on boosting your business even more, every day. You can choose from a short course geared for personal development, a couple of linked courses, or even a professional certification or specialization.

If that’s not your thing, watch educational videos on YouTube instead! Make notes of your learnings too!

4. Analyze your previous projects

What worked and what failed? Use your slow season to analyze your past projects. You could include core pointers like:

  • The way you communicated with your client(s).
  • Client ratings and testimonials.
  • Documents you produced for the project.
  • How you streamlined the project and the platforms you use to collaborate with your client.
  • How you handled customized offers and services.

You don’t have to go through all the projects. But it’s best practice to think of client feedback and inquiries when doing business analysis. You must be as unbiased towards yourself as possible to accept constructive criticism!

5. Go for a rebrand (optional)

Rebranding isn’t for everyone. However, consider a brand makeover if you realize some things don’t work out in your post-analysis. You can change what you offer, the pricing, the problems your brand solves, and so on.

A rebrand will always be different for everyone. You may even need to work on the outside and change your brand name, logo, website UI design, and much more. It all depends on whether or not your brand is going in the direction you meant it to be.


So the next time you think you’re out of the game, remember that slow and steady wins the race! Experiencing a slow season in business doesn’t make you incompetent. You’re a beautiful human being who deserves a good old break now and then. Use the time to work on yourself but don’t go overboard with it!

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